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“ Regardless of the cause and/or consequences of your challenges, there is always an opportunity to rise above it. Nothing is permanent in life, the only thing that never changes, is the fact that everything always changes. ''



We use consultations for several objectives


Consultation to eliminate blockades and to create possibilities 

More people become aware that we only use 12% of our brain consciously. The other 88% are subconsciously directed, but do certainly have an impact on daily life.


Many of our challenges are directed by our sub consciousness. This makes it hard to get these into your daily conscious state. It may well be that you run into the same type of challenges all the time and / or your complaints do not go away. By using our techniques, we make contact with your sub consciousness to detect blockades and convert these into a possibility efficient for the client.


Consultation for Birth- of Soul horoscope

These are also called the blue print of your own being. You will need to provide us the following information ahead of the consultation: date of birth, time of birth, and location. During the consultation, your horoscope will be explained, together with your challenges, possibilities and qualities. If desired, we will implement changes you wish to see in yourself.


Consultation for highly qualified perfume

During this consultation, we will discuss your challenges, possibilities and qualities. Then we will create your perfume which will help you to handle your challenges with more ease, allow you to use more possibilities and enhance your qualities.

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