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Rebuild Your Life, The Institute


An educational centre for various mediation and healing techniques.


We teach people different perspectives to get an insight into their own being, living and their daily life. You learn how to rebuild your life in a practical and efficient way in which you set your own opportunities and limits.


In our institute, we use several philosophies and techniques. The combination of this generates an overall picture of yourself,  your blockades and your possibilities. The understanding of these blockades create more possibilities thus making it easier to achieve the desired client/student goals.


A selection of the philosophies and techniques we use:


• Esoterisicm

• Esoteric Astrology

• ThetaHealing®

• Aura reading & healing

• Chakra reading & healing

• Social Pedagogy

• Nutrition expertise

• Herbs & Oils


and so much more ...

The techniques we use can be learned by any and everyone and can be applied in daily life. There are no prerequisites for our techniques. Everything learned can be applied directly to yourself and others. Whether this is for your self or for your friends and / or family.

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