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Esoteric Astrology


During this 3-day workshop, you will learn the meaning and the big pictures of the personal Esoteric Soul horoscope.


We will discuss the different symbols and their location, their functions and meanings to get a good insight in your own Soul horoscope and especially in your self.

By understanding what is in the “blueprint of your being and life”, you will be able to check which directions are most favourable for you and which method work best for you.


This is a theoretical workshop. The explanations of the symbols are general but effective. This explanation will allow you to

reduce your challenges in life to the actual mechanics of them so it often gets easier to handle. The personal Esoteric Soul horoscope is the teaching material we work with and is the property of the individual.


To be able to attend to this workshop, it important that we receive the details of your date of birth at least 3 weeks in advance of the actual workshop taking place: your name, date of birth, time and location. The personal Esoteric Soul horoscope is made by hand and is time consuming and is not produced at the push of a button.


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