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Relations Module 1.

In this seminar we will show by means of the Tree Of Life of what consist the conditions in the universe and the relations in your own existence. This will give a variety of insights, tools, many examples and tips to improve relationships and to elevate and to establish a level of happiness, love, joy and balance, no matter what the relationship is about.



A selection of the subjects:


  • The relationship between the Soul and Personality

  • Human relationships (work, friends, family, lovers, etc.)

  • The different Trees Of Life

  • All the facets of life trees

  • Several universal laws

  • How beliefs arise and how to change them


and more ...

This is a great seminar. I finally understand why I always floundered in my relationships and how I can give shape my relationships in a good way. 

- E. L. 


3 days 



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