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You will deepen the knowledge of the previously discovered Tree of Life and three more Trees of Life will be added. You will get deeper insights about creation and how you are part of it. You discover how it relates to daily life and how you can use this in a positive way.


You learn to recognize and integrate the different facets of the personality and deepen on different types of relationships.


A selection of the subjects:


  • The involution and evolution

  • Learning to overcome the '' fight, flight or freeze 'principle

  • The different root races

  • The aspects of the (inner) father, the (inner) mother and the (inner) child

  • 10 things that can make your relationships work

  • 10 secrets to stop fights in your relationships


and more…

Relations Module 2. 

This seminar is a deepening of relations Module 1. You will further explore the depths of the subconscious and discover hidden treasures in your own existence.

“ It is is a very deep seminar. A combination of hard work, discovery and lost of fun. Still, it is very recognizable and has immediate practical application - which is very good.

- A. M. 


3 days 



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