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During this seminar you will learn why some issues continue to come back and again and how to directly change the root. There are a number of topics used for deep conviction work.


Directly to the root of the challenge without messing about!


A selection of the subjects:


  • City Of The Maps (how to change hundreds of programs at once

  • Change your birth story (remove negative fetal memories)

  • Changing dysfunctional family patterns

  • Restoring relations / eliminating relationship problems

  • How to find century old oaths, vows and promises and relocate these

  • Healing and integration of Your Inner Child

  • Healing and integration and the balance of your Devine Masculine and Female Energy

  • Open your inner library

  • Removing dimensional veils

  • Several short cuts


and more…

Short Cut

It can take time to recognize inner issues and to change these, but not after having attended this seminar! This seminar is designed to make it easier to remove blockages, beliefs, attitudes, etc. facilitating. 

“ It was very intensive and very deep

but it was fun to do! ”

- R. S. 


3 days 



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