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A selection of the subjects:


  • Crystals and their description

  • Learn how to connect with a Star gate

  • Learn how to create a vortex

  • Techniques to take knowledge, experience and skills of other lives with you

  • Insights in why you have certain behavioural patterns

  • Insights in why you have certain fears and / or blockages

  • Insights in what you have developed certain talents are

  • Recognizing and discovering your own 'shadow side', and how to bring it in balance with the 'light side'


And more ...

Gateway through the Stars

In this seminar, you travel consciously, safely and in a fun way with your Soul through time and space.


By using certain techniques a vortex is created which enables travel. Since time and space is relative, it can go to the past but also the future. This seminar is a discovery tour and a wonderful experience giving you valuable insights. You get the necessary insights and tools after you go out to investigate what knowledge, skills, experiences, challenges, opportunities and obstacles you have built up. But also what effects these have on your daily life and what you can do with.

Discover which knowledge and skills you have acquired and what you can use in the present life!

'' I have really enjoyed this course!

It feels like a true gift to myself which

will allow me to continue on my path..  ''

- S. v.d. P


3 days 



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