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Walking with Children

In this seminar you will get to know the world of “New Age children”.


You will learn to recognize the different kinds of New Age Children, you learn about their (inner) perception and how you can assist these children best. You will get a collection of insights, tools, tips, exercises and a refreshing look at children, parents and education.





The exercises are good for the parent / guardian but certainly also

a child, so you can immediately teach the different techniques to

the children yourself! You also learn how to adapt practical knowledge

so that small children can understand what you mean.


A selection of the subjects:


  • Different types of 'New Age-children'

  • Assisting a “New Age child '

  • Development & Features

  • Creativity and Fantasy

  • Stay in your own strength

  • Cleaning of the energy field

  • Communication

  • Nutrition

  • Profound beliefs work


and more ...

A seminar for all ages!


4 days 



'' I have received many tools and insights which I can use directly in daily life ''

- V. d. B.

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