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Spiritual Awareness




3 days 

Spirituality comes in many shapes and sizes and is more practical in use than people think. In this seminar, you learn to understand the connections of the universe better. You learn the effects of these connections, why they are there and how you can use them in daily life.

Would you like to see the universe, the world and yourself in a totally new way?

This course is for anyone who'd like to know more about spirituality in general. We start with the basics and expand a little each time. So every day is innovative and step by step, you will get to know the world of spirituality better and better. Several topics will be discussed and explained whilst exercises and / or meditations are taught.


A selection of the subjects:


• The Power of Visualisation

• Karma & Reincarnation

• Learning different Healings and Meditations

• The Aura, its colors and meanings

• The Chakras and its functions


and more ..

'' Very refreshing days, my world view has been considerably modified haha !. I can not wait to go out and investigate further! ''

- M. K. 

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